Bill Gingles was born in Louisiana in 1958, leaving at the age of five, returning when he was thirty. Gingles lived in different parts of the United States while growing up and began showing his work in Denver in 1983. Eventually, he could not resist the urge to return to the south. He lives and works in Shreveport.

Painting is a moving balance between controlling the painting and allowing it to lead the way. The magic is in finding a way to let go

Artist Statement

Painting is alchemy. Spirit and matter transformed in the crucible of painting.

Nothing is static: As I change paint into paintings, I feel the paintings change me.

I paint because I have to see again and again what will happen next when I am mixed with paint. And while the paintings are clearly visible, what I bring to them seems largely hidden. Daily living is a wall behind which much of our being resides and acts in the dark. The paintings then become a means of trying to find out just who is painting them.

But as every completed painting suggests more paintings to come, I’ve come to believe there are more mysteries in art than answers.

Sitting here in my studio, I realize I wouldn’t have it any other way.