Artist Statement

In my art, all my life experiences have a direct influence on the work. Every place I have been and everything I have experienced are synthesized within, and then flow onto the canvas in new and different combinations. The paintings emerge by the process of discovery through mark making and selective observation. Within my current body of work, abstraction can be defined as a visual language that uses the elements of art to create an expressive composition. The elements include line, shape, form, space, texture, value and color, the building blocks of creativity. In some cases, one element can dominate, such as line, or all elements can be mixed to form a unified and coherent structure. The paintings can be seen as metaphors of life to stimulate emotional and spiritual responses.


Mike Coulson received a BFA from the University of Memphis and a MFA from the University of Georgia with a concentration in painting and drawing. Over the years he has worked as an illustrator, graphic designer, web designer, mural painter and teacher. He currently works as a full time artist pursuing a personal interest in painting and spending much of his time in the studio exploring the possibilities of paint on canvas.

Coulson has exhibited in many regional and national shows and has had several solo exhibitions of his work. He feels that painting is a creative process that allows him to share his experiences and encourage others to celebrate with him this journey down the road of life.